Writer’s blogck? And a little prep talk!


This is my first blogpost. Ever. So please do not read this. Because then I will have writer’s block since I noticed that: since we fired up this blogspace – today – hundreds of people have already found their way here! Don’t you people have anything better to do?!! Or maybe it’s just me and Henrik losing count of how many times we’ve visited this space ourselves ;^)

…but waitaminute… if I switch to Swedish I will probably lose some readers… or maybe inspire more folks to learn another language – if the Swedish text looks exciting enough? (testar: Sex, droger och rock’n roll, bra ord för en blond svensk flicka att fresta lingvister med?) or I could use the Darwinistic approach – survival of the hardiest – with bad French and bad jokes. Must warn you, they’re very bad, according to some…  

Now, apart from reasons like therapeutical writing, the motive for this posting was to ramble on a bit about life right now, a little prep talk! Here’s my braindump: checklists checklists visas vaccines bookings flights trains hotels, lending K the hamster, donating fishes, getting the house ready for our tenants, excavating piles and other disaster areas, and also getting all outdoor stuff ready for winter in our absence (including my armada of cayaks, canoes, surfboards and sailing dinghies), zillions of nitbit details I won’t mention here (whereof we can travel without doing all of them but it feels good getting them done before departure) and most of all: not stressing! Especially since I have a tendency of not taking care of myself (this is classical mum stuff I know). So for instance my back back-fired last week (lumbago acuta) since I neglected some warning signs, side-stepped from my training program and rushed away doing the wrong kind of physical activity. Bad sia.

But the great thing is, everyone around from near and far chipped in to help us with the kids, making food, doing small and big errands – and it was good for me to take a break from running around trying to do everything and instead having to prioritate the most important. And the most important things are not written on checklists, it’s the basic Maslow stuff like sleep and food. Fail those and everything else tends to fail, even if you want to go with the flow and act on impulses like ‘yes, it’s a great idea to start this Big Project before breakfast’ and before you know it’s almost lunchtime and you forgot about food and wonder why things goes haywire? Now the back is almost back in shape, the most important things on the checklists are mostly sorted out and…

 – hey, stop reading I said, it’s very hard for a newbe-blogger to keep focus if I start thinking of people actually reading this stuff! See? Now I’m getting nervous and can’t write anymore and it’s all your fault…


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5 thoughts on “Writer’s blogck? And a little prep talk!

  1. Mårten Stenius

    Your first blog post? I don’t think so :-)Remember http://www.kniberg.com/skigang/ A long time ago, but it sure was a blog. The word ‘blog’, however, was coined a couple of years later…

  2. sia

    Doth thoust thinketh I nay remembereth the history? Thou art indeed just mylord in thy assumption, however that imposterous pre-posterous era maketh thy brain jumpeth to false conclusions unbecoming of thee doth the likeness in appearances.Nay, nay, thou calleth a blog a mere diary! The noble works cometh from different publishing origins whereof these modern ‘blogs’ mighteth haveth even helped the rotten villain William Shakespeare becomingth a decent author!/Lady Sophia

  3. Mårten Stenius

    Ah, but ‘blog’ is just short for ‘web log’ or, synonymously, ‘web diary’.QED.

  4. sia

    My dear fellow, raisin d’etre for a diary is to compile events of the day and describe them. It’s all about what you did, who you met, how the food was, skiing, snow conditions, other things occuring during the day (election of vurpmeister!) but mainly news about you. Whereas a weblog in general is more of a study of things occuring in your life, from a spectators view. This might seem a subtle change of horizon but one usually posts more freely observations on life in general and not ones own in particular on a blog, compared to a diary. Of course many blogs are used as diarys, and some diarys are philosophical essays in disguise. But the main reason for writing this long answer is to not have left your comment without the right answer. Now pleeease don’t find another great argument I seriously need to do some packing/planning/sleeping and this is such a nice distraction :)

  5. Mårten Stenius

    So a blog may be used as a diary and a diary may be used as a blog. Isn’t that equivalence by definition?Sorry. Now go back to preparation :-)

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