Techie stuff for the road


Here’s the techie stuff that we’re bringing:

  • MacBook Air. For blogging, working, doing schoolwork, and managing photos/videos. 
  • iPad. For watching movies, reading, and playing games. Plus an ALU pen for drawing and writing on the iPad. 
  • 2 iPhones. For calling (duh) and playing games. 
  • 1 Kindle. For reading when iPad isn’t available (because kids are using it, or because I’m outside in direct sunlight). 
  • Bank login gadgets 
  • Portable shaver (Braun PocketGo) 
  • Cordless presenter for when I’m doing talks or courses. 
  • USB drive (WD My Passport) for storing movies, and backing up everything on the Macbook. 
  • HDMI cable + HDMI adapter for iPad and mac, so we can play our movies on hotel room TVs and such. 
  • TP cable and corresponding USB adapter for the Mac, so we can access internet in cases where there is a jack but no wifi. 
  • Digital Camera (Lumix DMC-TZ20) – for adults 
  • Digital Camera (Tough TG-310) – for kids, water and sand proof. 
  • A powerstrip. So that we can charge everything at once and only need one country-specific outlet adapter. 
  • 4 pairs of earphones 
  • Jambox (portable sound system, bluetooth based speaker that can easily play stuff from iphone/ipad/mac) 
  • Outlet adapter for China, Japan, and New Zealand. 
  • Car USB adapter, so we can charge iphone/ipad in car 
  • USB memory stick and an extra SD card 
  • Various adapters and chargers to make sure all the above can be powered. 

Movies are stored on the external USB drive and streamed to the iPad using AirVideo (if we have a wifi network), or copied to AVPlayer via iTunes (if we don’t have a wifi network).

CrashPlan runs in the background on the Mac and makes continuous backups of everything to the USB drive as well as to the cloud (when we’re online). The USB drive and Mac always travel in different bags. That plus the cloud backup makes it highly unlikely that we will use photos and other valuable files.

For music we stream from spotify to the jambox speaker (surprisingly good speaker for its size!). We have several some offline playlists in spotify for when we are offline.

For calling we use skype (when online), and skype’s Online Number + Call Forwarding when offline. 

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2 thoughts on “Techie stuff for the road

  1. danielvikenmark

    Nice collection there! I have one tip for you guys. I always bring a small wireless router and a short tp cable when I stay at hotels. If the wifi connection is lossy just setup your own wifi in the room (if there is a jack in the wall of course) and you will have an internet connection for all the gadgets :)Will do a similar journey (Caribbean and the US) with my wife and 8 month kid after x-mas, so I will follow your blog hoping to find some nice travel hacks :)Bon voyage!/d

  2. Henrik Kniberg

    Thanks for the tip! We quickly discovered this need and bought an Airport Express. What a great little gadget! We use it every day to keep all our gadgets online.

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