Schoolwork on the road


School on the road is working way better than expected so far. We have some physical books with us, and plenty of electronic and online material. While in transit we try to squeeze out an hour or so of schoolwork on the train. While stationary we dedicate the first hour after breakfast to schoolwork, every day. This routine is settling in well with the whole family. During the school hour Sia goes out with Peter and Emma while I coach Dave & Jenny (I feel more like a learning coach than a teacher). 

I was surprised by how enthusiastic they are about the schoolwork! In fact, both this evening and evening before I had to literally pull the math workbook out of Jenny’s hand at 9:30 pm so that she would go to sleep! Dave is insisting on getting all spelling right when he is blogging, and is asking me to check and double-check every sentence. I think this is because he knows his friends (and teachers!) read his stuff. As a positive side effect he is also learning to manage photos on his camera and the mac, organize and edit them, create collages, etc. 

After the first school session Dave said “This feels like a better way to go to school. More positive!” Then a few minutes later “Dad, this is the best thing I’ve ever done!” (not sure exactly what he was referring to though).



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