Beijing day1: found kids heaven! And some everyday stuff blabber…


We’re renting an apartment in Chaoyang, it’s cheap, very central near a brandnew subwaystation and pretty spartan interior. Not overly clean but we haven’t seen any weird animals – apart from the kids playing monkeys at times… and we discovered this children’d playground in the cellar! It’s fun to see how kids interact with each even if they don’t share the language. Yesterday we went for a walk around da hood. There’s small shops with almost everything jammed in anywhere, just in the nearest block there’s a dentist, some tiny food stores, dating service, phone shop, cleaners, dentist, hair dresser… and that’s not even half of it. When we were walking around with 4 very blonde kids around us… to my initial surprise we attracted quite some attention, people talking and looking and following (in a nice way). Funny thing is that one got used to this so fast, that it felt almost weird today going out with Emma and Jenny who ‘only’ got normal cute-kids-attention ;)

Today is the end of the Chinese National Holiday, we’ve had a Kniberg National Lazyday: fighting jet-lag, staying awake almost all day and taking it pretty easy. Almost ‘good’ timing Dave was a bit sick today (yup, he got better around lunchtime after a morning of reversed digestion). The great thing with travel and down-shifting is that all those things that are boring at home (like doing dishes, washing clothes and buying groceries) becomes kinda fun since it’s more a challenge. I’ve never been so happy for a scotch-brite-sponge, and felt so proud over gathering clean, dry clothes from the hanging line! (And I’m not overly into housewife-stuff at home, for the record.) And even better: fixed with phones so we have local-call-cost setup now. Tomorrow’s challenge is: to find a hardware store and get some screws, washers and nuts to mend Emma’s beloved pink princess-suitcase with. Oh, and we’ll take a walk on the Great Wall as well :o)

Now the only challenge left today is to make Jenny fall asleep!
Where’s that sleeping spell when you need it…

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2 thoughts on “Beijing day1: found kids heaven! And some everyday stuff blabber…

  1. Erik

    No seen any weird animals yet? Take it easy, you will see lots of them in Thailand. Snakes, spiders, cockroaches, jellyfish, and lots of other nice animals!

  2. eva

    <div>GRATTIS PÅ FÖDELSEDAGEN DAVID !!! </div> <div>Jag vet att du skall fira din födelsedag på kinesiska muren – det är nog inte många barn i Sverige som har gjort det. Pappa och mammma kommer att berätta en massa spännande saker om muren. Grattis igen och hoppas att du och resten av familjen har sovit gott efter den låååånga flygresan till Peking.</div> <div>Massor av kramar från farmor.<img style="MARGIN: 0px 0.2ex; VERTICAL-ALIGN: middle" src="" width="15" height="15" goomoji="B0C"><br><br></div>

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