And the biggest tourist attraction in Beijing is…


Everywhere we go, Chinese people freak out at the sight of four blond little kids, especially the baby. Especially at tourist attractions such as the the Great Wall and the Summer Palace, where we physically had to break loose in order to get anywhere, because every step of the way people would stop us and ask to to pictures of the kids.

We were moved by their genuine happiness at seeing us. I guess it’s the unusual combination of seeing many siblings (Chinese families are usually only allowed 1 child), and the fact that they are all blond.

Peter didn’t mind, he seem rather amused at the attention. Emma and Jenny often shied away (but not always). David shied away initially, but then he started liking the celebrity feeling and took to posing :o)

To make it a bit fun (and reduce the feeling of being hunted) we turned it into a game. For each group kidnapping us for photos we would “revenge” by taking photos back! Check out the gallery :o)

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3 thoughts on “And the biggest tourist attraction in Beijing is…

  1. I was in Chengdu two weeks ago and the same experience with the pictures session with "Aliens from Europe". So I can imagine how it was working if you were there with the family and especially small children :).By the way – really admire you for taking this journey – all the energy and luck on the continuation. And what’s more important – HAVE FUN :).

  2. karin-kniberg

    Va!? David & Jenny Kniberg "posing"!? Vet ni hur många foto´n jag har av era när ni gömmer er/tittar bort. Måste jag låtsas vara kines för att få ta lite bra foto´n eller. Hmmmmm.

  3. karin-kniberg

    Business opportunity? Hand the kids with a few instruments + have them sing and tap dans a bit or whatever…then charge x-money per pic. Should finance the rest of your big family trip. /K

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