Peter + Peking = sant!


Why does Peter enjoy Beijing so much?
1) there’s lot’s of cars. And buses. And trucks. And trains. And some boats too!
2) there’s Ping (and he’s got a big car as well :)
3) chinese food!!!
4) there’s many fun things to climb. Playgrounds, people, stairs – they even built this Great Wall with great climbing challenges for a 1-year-old!
5) everyone smiles and says Hello or Ni Hao!

Ok, time to sleep (or so they say…)

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One thought on “Peter + Peking = sant!

  1. Fklassen

    Hej!Nu har vi kikat lite på era bloggar. Alla barnen hälsar och säger att de saknar er och speciellt Jenny. Jättekul att läsa om era äventyr!!Hälsningar och kramar från alla barn och "fröknar" på Regnbågen

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