Circus at home!

The kids are constantly coming up with new ways to earn money. You’d think we weren’t feeding them or something.

Apart from the more traditional sell-the-toys-I-don’t-need-to-the-neighbours, they’ve stared selling massages (undercutting the market price for massages by a factor of several hundred times…), and even doing a circus show! All for just 1 baht per adult and 0 bahts per kid. 


Check out the circus video below. Note the theme song – a ragtime version of It’s a Small World After All. This song seems to have accidentally become the theme song of our trip (quite suitable actually!). The kids fell in love with that attraction at Tokyo Disneyland. And the alarm clock we bought here at Koh Lanta coincidentally features an obnoxiously loud and beepy version of that song. I needed to find an alternative version so I found this cool version of the song on Spotify!

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