Pineapple vs Pineapple


We had no idea different types of pineapples had such different taste!

Most of us (actually everyone except Sia) liked the left one best. Sweeter and punchier taste. The other one tasted pretty bland.

To get the right type when shopping (uh, I mean the left type) look for more oblong than round shape, brighter color, and jagged leaves.

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4 thoughts on “Pineapple vs Pineapple

  1. Karin Kniberg

    The left one looks a lot more appetiizing that the pale non-ripe-ish one to the right.

  2. Eva and Jorgen

    How interesting! Circus and pine apples! Give hugs to all the kids

  3. Adolfo Neto

    We have different types of pineapple her in Brazil too.It’s difficult for me to choose the right one.

  4. Marton Meszaros

    My love for pineapples is shaded by the fact that I have strong allergic reactions to some yet unidentified parts of it. Anyone any ideas on what could that part be and how to avoid it while shopping?

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