Beach walk to school

School is about 5 tuk-tuk-minutes or 30 beach-walk-minutes away. Usually we’re lazy and take the tuk, but here are some nice pics from one of those days when we took the walk instead.

Along the way we bumped into Pas (“the indian”) who took a really nice family photo of all us (including grandma Eva who has been visiting us for a couple of weeks).

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5 thoughts on “Beach walk to school

  1. Karin Kniberg

    Kul – men Jenny stumpan – hur många tänder har du tappat? Det ser ut som om du nästan inte har några kvar… /Karin

  2. Gerry Kirk

    What sort of school do your kids go to? Seems like life itself is educational enough heh.

  3. Henrik Kniberg

    "Lilla Svenska Skolan" are actually two Swedish schools here within walking distance. Feels like this island is a Swedish colony :o)

  4. Erik Magni

    I morse var det haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalt när jag körde till jobbet. Tur att jag hade lagt på nya dubbdäck.Har ni samma problem?

  5. David Kniberg

    Absolut inte!

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