Water workout :)

First: must recommend Koh Lanta Watersports – great gear, knowledgeable and friendly aquaholics Sam and Jo can help you with almost anything on water!

In order to find strong wind, you might have to get out of the Klong Dao bay when there’s offshore breeze:


(I dunno if you can see it, but further out there’s really nice wind and white capped waves – and PhiPhi Islands in the horizon, great view! :)

Spent one morning just speeding and jibing to and fro the ‘Table Mountain’, behind this yacht…


…that turned out to be S/Y Mio, from Arvika Sweden! Must have been a long way coming!

I almost never end up on photos when windsurfing (too far out) but Jo hade a great telescope! 


Boasting: that’s me (on the beloved Exocet 155) in *front* of aussie Sam! Usually it’s the other way around :)


Always happy Samwise, and Peter-superglued-to-mum (who’s Abandoned him being out on the water all morning… rrright… :)

Jo on her motorized skateboard, admire her well balanced, relaxed laid-back style!


Henrik took a test-run. He got hooked!


Home of the aquaholics:


And here’s a sunset for you, just because it’s a great pic!

(courtesy of Jo, who used to be a photographer back in NZ… when not running a ski/snowboardshop in Queenstown… when not getting the Noble Prize in medicin… ok maybe not the last one… yet! ;)



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One thought on “Water workout :)

  1. Erik Magni

    Ser härligt ut. Hoppas du Sia får tid att vindsurfa MYCKET och jag hoppas att det blåser ordentligt :)Själv fick jag ett mail om årets skidskola. Blev tydligen fullbokat på några timmar. Men vi hann med att få in foten innan dörren stängdes!Ha det bra och gör inget dumt!

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