Escaping the rain

After a sunny start the weather quite quickly turned sour. Really sour. The first couple of days we coped pretty well with the rain and kept our spirits up.


However, after a few more days of just rain we started getting tired of it (well actually, I was the one who was most grumpy about it, the others were coping better). Sure, we had raincoats and boots, we could still get out and do stuff. But we weren’t equipped for days and days of rain. 


Since the sun refused to come out we had to hang the wet rainclothes and boots inside the campervan, which made for a pretty damp and murky environment inside. We felt sorry for all the tent folks who didn’t even have a nice warm campervan to huddle in – compared to them, we were living in a luxury hotel!

Finally, on January 1 after spending a very rainy (but fun) new years eve by lake Taupo, we decided to bail out. We poured over the weather forecasts, ditched all of our previous plans, and just focus on getting out of the rain. That’s the advantage of having your house on wheels – you could simply follow the sun! 

And, indeed, we found the sun. It was on South Island! 


We’ve now spent a week basking in sun and great weather, absolutely wonderful (except for the occasional burn – the sun really bites fast and hard here in New Zealand)!

All good things come to an end at some point though. We are on the west coast and now the rain has come back, and it seems to be all over the south island! So we will flee to where it will stop raining fastest – in Queenstown (if the weather forecasts are right). Tomorrow will be *really* rainy so that will be our driving day. We’ll probably drive all day.

How do we pass the time while doing long drives? Ipad & iphone movies and games, conversations, snacks, Spanish lessons (we are going to Peru in a couple of weeks and need to learn some Spanish, so we are using an audiobook to learn and practice Spanish while driving). And, of course, gaping at the incredible scenery at every turn. And, when the weather permits, we stop and explore cool sites and adventures that we discover along the way.


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4 thoughts on “Escaping the rain

  1. Hi Henrik,Near Queenstown you propably pass Waneka. Lake Waneka is for me (one of) the most beautiful place(s) on earth. >12 years since I was there last time. Hope it still is great. Njoy and keep posting!Rini

  2. Henrik Kniberg

    Thanks for the tip. We will pass Waneka, and will probably camp in the area, especially after your recommendation :)

  3. chrs

    I think you mean Wanaka. We visited on our big trip in 2010. Great place. We did some cross-country skiing, but I guess it’s not the season for it right now!

  4. rinivansolingen

    We camped there too: Lake Outlet Holiday Park, Outlet Road, Wanaka. Most incredible view. Sight directly on the lake shore.

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