We spent an hour wandering around inside Hobbiton – the original location where they filmed the opening scenes in Lord of the Rings. One of the few sets that they didn’t tear down after making the movie. It was absolutely amazing, really felt like walking around inside a hobbit village! It was all there – the Green Dragon Inn, the huge party tree, Bilbo’s hobbit hole, etc. The interiors were mostly empty though, since those scenes were shot elsewhere.

While driving around in the northern island of New Zealand we totally understand why they filmed Lord of the Rings here. All the different types of terrain are here – cute grassy hills, massive mountains, dramatic cliffs, ancient forests, you name it. 


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One thought on “Hobbiton!

  1. Hi Henrik,I’m following you on twitter about Agile stuff, but I’ve been totally interested about your post.Actually, I went in this place with my wife 2 years ago, while we were on our honeymoon.And you can feel very LUCKY ! Because, 2 years ago, there were no decor anymore !! They did tear down everything. There were only a couple of holes left, with only a piece of white wood in front of it. And neither houses nor bridge anymore ! It was totally a scam !They must have put it back in place for the next movie, Bilbo the Hobbit.While this have been a bad experience, we spent a REALLY good time in NZ, but too short (8 days).So I wish you a good journey and a nice weather there !Thanks for having shared that !Jérôme

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