Queenstown – the turning point!

Imagine a place which is a mix of Chamonix, Åre and… ok not quite Zermatt but after all, it’s summer here but I STILL get a homely feel of a city of eternal after-ski, dimensioned for winter and people in ski boots, with more sport stores than all other stores put together, bristling with activities and adrenaline-craving people for whom it’s just natural to take the MTB down from the nearest mountain. And great mountains it is, almost made me teary-eyed to look at but then again, I missed mountains. And snow. But guess what? It SNOWED on some of the peaks yesterday (while raining in the valley), which apparently was so unusual it was even on the news. I thank ye mountain Gods for that sign – must come back here in the winter, some ski areas have really promising names: Treble Cone, Coronet, Cardona and… the Remarkables! We drove all day Thursday and half Friday from the westcoast heading southeast – why stay in grey Greymouth with 20mm rain when there’s sun in Queenstown, also we managed to see a dentist here – Dave had some toothache, now fixed :)


Took the skyline cabin + chairlift up on the nearest mountain, and hade some downhill-gocart experience (the Luge). And watched the bungyjumpers. True to the slogan “Queenstown – the adrenaline capital of the world”. Then me, Dave and Jenny biked around town and had a great time, even found a sea-side playground! And talking about playgrounds, of course they have a small climbingwall on the kindergarten next to the skyline. But come to think of it, so has our superb kindergarten back home in Skå (the adrenaline capital of south Färingsö ;)

Anyway, this is our turning point latitude-vise, now we’re on our way home even if it will take some months – but first back to Wanaka!

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