Cool rock climbing center in Wanaka


Base Camp Wanaka is a really cool climbing facility! Especially enjoyed the automatic belays, allowing the whole family to climb at the same time (well, everyone except me and Peter, since I was keeping watch over Peter – they didn’t want to let 1 year olds climb…). The kids could more or less clip and unclip themselves and try a bunch of different types of climbing walls. In this pic we see Dave beating Sia in a timed climb, while Jenny and Emma are off to the right on their own walls. Peter is standing below gazing up in envy.

When you want to go down, just let go and hover down nice and slow with the automatic belay – makes going down as fun as going up! I wonder if any of the climbing centers around Stockholm have automatic belays.

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3 thoughts on “Cool rock climbing center in Wanaka

  1. rinivansolingen

    And…..agree that Wanaka is one of the most beautiful places in the world?

  2. farmor

    Heja heja – vad modiga ni är !!Klättra på – jag håller ett öga på Peter härifrån dataskärmen …Kram

  3. Henrik Kniberg

    @rinivansolingen damn right!

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