Mt Cook – what an incredibly beautiful mountain!

While driving from Wanaka toward Christchurch we found a campground at the southern tip of Lake Pukaki with an absolutely breathtaking view of Mt Cook! The photos taken with my simple camera don’t really do justice to the awesomeness of this view. We slept over there and spent the next morning playing on the rocky beach of the lake.

We would have stayed longer if the pollen hadn’t forced us to bail out. Both me & David have hay fever. We haven’t had any problems with this so far during the whole trip, but this area (and all the way to Christchurch) has been terrible. Now we’ve stocked up on some medicines, wish we’d done so earlier though.

Sandflies on one coast, pollen on the other – the things you have to put up with for a great view! Definitely worth it though :o)

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2 thoughts on “Mt Cook – what an incredibly beautiful mountain!

  1. Karin Kniberg

    Vilka häftiga bilder. Var det kallt i vattnet?

  2. Henrik Kniberg

    Småkallt, men säkert badbart om man är funtad åt det hållet :o)Ungefär som ett ytterskärgårdsdopp en svensk sommar.

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