Machu Picchu in one word: WOW!

We finally made it Machu Picchu today, after failing on both Saturday and Sunday due to landslides.

It was amazing! Grand Canyon was previously #1 on my Most Amazing Places list, but Machu Picchu definitely topped that – despite stiff competition from the Great Wall of China and South Island of New Zealand. Well actually, if you ask the kids they’ll still say Legoland in Denmark :)

Despite the rainy season we had great weather all day except around lunch (which was fine, since we were inside at that time). During the morning we had a private guide who explained some of the key parts of the ancient town, but the most fun part was actually the afternoon, when we explored the ruins on our own. David took on a guide role and took us to the highest possible point, with a most amazing view over the whole town and surrounding mountains (the first photo in the gallery below).

Posted by Henrik (who accidentally used Sia’s account)

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6 thoughts on “Machu Picchu in one word: WOW!

  1. Karin Kniberg

    Vad häftigt! Hur går det med höjdsjuka? Det ser väldigt "högt" ut där bland molnen…

  2. Thanks for sharing your adventure! Our family is just in the beginning stages or our "big trip".. more in the planning stages.. and Peru was in that plan.. so thanks for sharing your experiences and the pictures are great!

  3. viladines

    a place where i would go :)

  4. Oj, oj, oj vilka fina bilder! Vilka höga berg. Det ser ut som om ni håller på att ramla ner!Erik och Tilde

  5. Henrik Kniberg

    Ja, det var inte långt ifrån ibland… vi fick hålla koll på barnen!

  6. Erik

    Ett program om Machu Picchu på Svt – Wow!

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