Chess on the road

Dave and Jenny have taken up a new hobby during the trip: Chess! It started at Gabby’s place in Tutukaka (New Zealand), they had a chess game with some instruction cards for how to move the different pieces. That got them hooked, and since then Dave & Jenny have taken the opportunity whenever we bump into chess games during our travels – in hotel cafeterias, lounge rooms, communal kitchens, we even found a giant outdoor chess game at a camp site.

In the beginning things tended to get noisy since, in chess, one person will inevitably lose every time. And kids HATE losing (well, I guess everyone hates losing, but kids tend to be more physical about it)! Now they seem to have gotten used to it though, and enjoy the game no matter who wins or loses.

In Ollantaytambo (Peru) they played a few matches almost every day while eating breakfast. What a great way to start a day :)

We have a chess app on the ipad too, but that’s not nearly as fun for some reason.

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3 thoughts on “Chess on the road

  1. We moved to Bordeaux for six months, without a television, Joppe took on chess play also. (He did a few plays before) but he really got hooked away from home.Yves

  2. Henrik Kniberg

    That’s interesting to hear. Same with our kids, didn’t show much interest for chess until we were on the road. Maybe because there’s too much other entertainment stuff at home.

  3. At least that is our experience. Joppe loved reading before, but really started devoring books. And playing lots of games like chess. SInce we are back, he started following chess classes. He starts beating me. Another year of so and I can’t beat him anymore…The biggest reason for all of this is no television. (They did not learn about video’s online until the last month) We now have (fixed) television free evenings.

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