First day of sailing to Treasure Island

After a full day of preparation (shopping, fixing up the boat, stowing stuff, learning how things work, studying charts, etc) we are finally off!

We had a great first day of sailing from Tortola to Norman Island (aka “Treasure Island”, since pirates hid lots of treasure here a few hundred years ago).

One of our big worries (or “challenges”) for the BigFamilyTrip was how to sail with 4 small kids. Sometimes it takes two adults to manage the boat, for example when setting sails or docking, so there’s no adult left to watch the kids.

So far it has worked out really well! The older kids help watch over the younger ones, and when necessary we tie Peter down in his baby carriage below deck.

The boat is really well designed from a safety perspective, unlike many of the yachts we are used to sailing back in Sweden. The boat feels surprisingly roomy and comfortable for us.

Here at Norman Island there is a great beach with awesome snorkeling, hundreds of colorful fish just a few meters off the shore. To add to the excitement we have pelicans flying over our heads and frequently diving into the water to catch fish right next to us!

We’ve also met some other families with kids the same age as ours, so they’ve had a lot of fun playing on the beach.

All in all I can’t think of a better start to this sailing trip!

Well, actually, one thing that did go wrong was that Sophia banged her toe on something and got a fairly deep cut, so she can’t windsurf or be in the water right now, which is a major bummer since the windsurfing conditions are perfect.

But other than that, all is well here on BigFamilyTrip!

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2 thoughts on “First day of sailing to Treasure Island

  1. Susanne skorpan fröken

    Det ser fantastiskt underbart ut ! Villka härliga uppleverser för er och barnen. Snart kommer vardagen så passa på att njuta !Kram Susanne

  2. sia

    Njuter! Tack! Men ska bli härligt att se er igen – hoppas det finns plats i april… hälsa alla!!

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