Pool and Windsurfing at the Bitter End

We are at the Bitter End on the northern tip of Virgin Gouda, a big island north-east of Tortola. Here you can find Bitter End Yacht Club, hence the name of the surrounding area. But it isn’t a very bitter place, quite the contrary. Among many nice things we found a resort here with a great swimming pool, so we parked the kids at the pool today (with me as lifeguard) to give Sophia some time to go windsurfing. Our rented windsurfing board has been mostly lying on deck so far on our journey, waiting for Sia’s toe to heal up, and now she’s finally good to go! In the meantime I have some minor wounds of my own to heal up…

Despite the nice-looking pictures, surfing conditions weren’t too good, with strong gusty winds. In addition the board was really slippery (worn out anti-slip surface), so it was frustrating. However after putting on some shoes it worked much better and the smile came back on her face!

PhiloSophia adds:

…after having had to wait for swimming and windsurfing and longing and hearing all about how fantastic it is here, I guess my expectations were high. And windsurfing in Brazil was fantastic. So when the first session here in BVI turned out bad… well, I got some ‘revenge’ on the wind the second session, even managed to land dry on our boat’s rear platform, having a friendly encouraging audience on the next-moor-neighbour catamaran (thanks for the crackers :)”

Later on we visited our neighbour’s boat – The Dreamboat for our kids if you remember, big catarmarans with at least two levels are their wish… dream on, we’re going cayaking next time…? ;)

Talking about neighbours, here’s some gossip: just nearby are a couple of private islands, there’s ‘Virgin Air Island’ (Necker Island, owned by Richard Branson), next to ‘Google Island’ (owned by the Google founder) and just across the bay is Mosquito Island, also private. We don’t know who lives there… maybe Johnny Depp? In his pirate outfit (yep, we’ve been watching the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’-movies a lot as you can guess. Along with Pippi Långstrump på de sju haven. Emma is constantly being our Pirate Guard patrolling the deck, wearing her version of a pirate outfit (bandana, pretend-sword, and a general evil grim outlook). So we’re completely safe thanks to her!

PS: After finding Internet ashore and googling it turns out that Richard Branson owns Mosquito island, not Johnny Depp.

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