Sia & Henrik snorkeling – together!

On the last day of sailing, on the way from Norman Island to Tortola, we passed by a great snorkeling spot called The Indians. We’ve passed it several times before without stopping, this time the weather was calm around there and we couldn’t resist the temptation.

Snorkeling alone together just us two doesn’t happen often, in fact the last time was probably Thailand in November! However after almost two weeks on the boat, we felt secure enough to leave the kids alone on board for a few minutes, especially since Peter was sleeping and securely strapped down in his carriage. We gave the other kids the iGadgets, told them to stay inside, or signal us if there was any problem (since we were pretty close).

It was a short snorkeling tour, but very very nice! We even brought the underwater camera and took some pics :)

We saw lots of different types of fish along the coral cliff walls, and on deeper waters on the way back to the boat we saw a manta ray gliding along the ocean floor. Would never have seen it if it wasn’t for the great visibility.

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