Introducing the Big Family Trip


So here’s the plan. We are going on a Big Family Trip. We call it that because we’re a Big Family (me & Sophia and Dave 8, Jenny 6, Emma 3, Peter 1), and because it’s a Big Trip (6 months, 8 countries)!

The purpose of the trip is to expand our horizons, be together as a family, and have fun! I’ll be doing a little bit of work on the road (2-3 days per month), but most of the time will be family time.

Our 6 month journey will take us to Denmark, China, Japan, Thailand, New Zealand, Peru, Brazil, and British Virgin Islands. The detailed plan is here. But the plan is only a plan, and it is pretty flexible. The journey itself is the goal, not the destination!

I don’t know how much we’ll be blogging, but when we do write stuff it will be right here! So if you want to keep an eye on us, this is the place to be!

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9 thoughts on “Introducing the Big Family Trip

  1. chrs

    Looks cool. We did something similar last year, although it was more of a medium-sized-family-trip since we are a medium sized family and spent 3 months travelling rather than 6. But we also went to Japan, NZ and Brazil. Our blog is here if you are interested:

  2. Henrik & Sia Kniberg

    Wow, thanks for sharing! Will definitely mine your site for nuggets of wisdom.

  3. Adolfo Neto

    Good luck. Are you coming to Brazil only fun or for work too?

  4. Henrik Kniberg

    I’m teaching a Certified ScrumMaster course. Samuel Crescêncio is organizing it. Other than that it will be mostly fun & family stuff.

  5. Sofia Hedlund

    Wow what a trip, I’m so impressed. Btw, I found some of Henriks scrum documents from 2007 in the process documents at my new job =) It was nice too see a name I knew.Have a great trip!!

  6. Just a note to say this is really neat, Henrik. As a father of 4 children myself I hope this trip affords you some life-long memories with your family. Safe travels and I look forward to seeing some pictures! Your friend in Atlanta. Scott

  7. Henrik Kniberg

    Thanks Sofia & Scott! We’re almost halfway through the trip and things are working out great. The second half of the trip will be very different (more adventure), feeling excited about that! We’ll see how it works out.

  8. Phuong

    Thanks Henrik for your books and advice. We just came back to Cambridge, UK from Chicago and Florida, Christmas on the beach was awesome. Have a great time.

  9. Jo Mathias

    Just found you link and had a look at the progress – looks so fantastic – NZ is a great place – if I dont say so myself!! and the best people in the world – look at me hahaha. Glad you are have a great time, look forward to seeing photos of Peru. Enjoy

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