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Bought a guitar!

Today we went to a huge music store in Ginza to buy a guitar. We wanted a small one (obviously), but still big enough to provide a decent tone. The Yamaha GL1 guitalele was really small, but the sound was too wimpy. We settled for an Aria A20, bigger than the guitalele but smaller than a typical acoustic guitar.

Emma immediately adopted it. She insisted on carrying it for the rest of the day and when we came home she hogged it and refused to let anyone else play :o)

A nice incident on the way home: While I was off trying to find an ATM that accepts non-Japanese credit cards (not so easy it turned out), Sia was playing guitar on the street while the girls danced. Good backup plan in case my mission failed –  they could probably have earned enough cash for dinner :o)

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sunset beach jog


Sneaked out with sneakers on from a soundly sleeping family and burned some calories (need that with all this fried food… ;) fun to run on a sandy beach – with Tokyo skyline all around!

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Spontaneous morning stroll with surprises!

The Plan was to go to the maritime museum nearby. What really happened was that first, we saw (from our all-seeing window) the huge parking space on the way being filled with fancy show cars, so of course we had a look there first. Some cars looked like they were lying on the ground, others were filled with amplifiers, some had manga figures painted on!


Outside the maritime museum (which btw is a funny building, looks like a big ship) there was some kind of Firefighters Day, with lots of firetrucks, an ambulance-firetruck, police cars, earthquake-testhouse… Dave&Jenny went ‘flying’ in a sky lift, with Henrik in another one. After visiting the great tall ship “Nippon Maru” we came just in time to see a dozen fire-rescue-boats defiling by, accompanied by some jet skis, quite a show!


On the way back we realized that the maritime museum (which kind looked dark and we thought ~wrong entrance?) was actually closed for renovation. Which didn’t matter at all since we already spent >2 hours just hanging around outside :)


Had lunch at the carshow place on the way back. Not as crazy as the pirate-Jack-Sparrow-style-restaurant we stumbled on yesterday, but a funny yet warm feeling of carbuilder-weirdo-camaraderie in the air!

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ipad/iphone + hdmi cable turns the hotel room into a movie theater


Most hotel room TVs we’ve seen so far have HDMI ports, so I’m really glad we brought an hdmi cable + adapter! Now we can plug the iphone or ipad into the hotel room TV and watch movies together, instead of huddling around the ipad screen.

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We didn’t bring a lot of toys…


… but Peter’s toy cars have been a great hit!

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Girlie Heaven part2


Prinsessan Jenny funderar på vilken klänning som är finast. Det är mkt prinsesslek här, vi bor som på ett slott med drivor av kristallkronor, snirkliga möbler, stora salar – och nyss såg vi ett par som skulle gifta sig här (de var jättevackra, man blev lite sentimental). Här tittar vi in i en affär/uthyrning för festkläder, det var mäkta populärt :)

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Girlie heaven part1


Window shopping with Jenny & Emma.

Det är rätt bra att vi inte kan ta med så mkt grejor man kan ofta skylla på att önskeprylar är för skrymmande
(nu hade inte just denna rosa enhörningsgunghäst fått följa med hem även om vi haft en privat lyxyacht att tillgå… ;)

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Just a walk in the park


Skön morgonprommis, efter 2nd breakfast i det gröna (med skön vattenutsikt) kom regnet vältajmat. Medans sia & gänget på bilden är ute passar David o Henrik på att ha ett fokuserat skolpass!

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New York, New York?!


De är verkligen fenor på att kopiera grejor här i Japan ;)

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Lekparker i Japan


Det finns många rutschkanor i lekparkerna.
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