Spontaneous morning stroll with surprises!

The Plan was to go to the maritime museum nearby. What really happened was that first, we saw (from our all-seeing window) the huge parking space on the way being filled with fancy show cars, so of course we had a look there first. Some cars looked like they were lying on the ground, others were filled with amplifiers, some had manga figures painted on!


Outside the maritime museum (which btw is a funny building, looks like a big ship) there was some kind of Firefighters Day, with lots of firetrucks, an ambulance-firetruck, police cars, earthquake-testhouse… Dave&Jenny went ‘flying’ in a sky lift, with Henrik in another one. After visiting the great tall ship “Nippon Maru” we came just in time to see a dozen fire-rescue-boats defiling by, accompanied by some jet skis, quite a show!


On the way back we realized that the maritime museum (which kind looked dark and we thought ~wrong entrance?) was actually closed for renovation. Which didn’t matter at all since we already spent >2 hours just hanging around outside :)


Had lunch at the carshow place on the way back. Not as crazy as the pirate-Jack-Sparrow-style-restaurant we stumbled on yesterday, but a funny yet warm feeling of carbuilder-weirdo-camaraderie in the air!

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3 thoughts on “Spontaneous morning stroll with surprises!

  1. Karin Kniberg

    Vilken det av Tokyo är detta? /Karin

  2. Henrik Kniberg

    Odaiba, den där konstgjorda ön på andra sidan bron. Riktigt härligt rekreationsområde faktiskt! Inte lika hetsigt som centrala Tokyo.

  3. coola bilar och anat coolt

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