7-leg journey to Legoland



OK, first trip was challenging. First a golf-cart ride to the bus (fun!). Then bus to central station. Then another bus to Södertälje (due to railway maintenance work). Then train to Malmö. Then another train to Copenhagen. Then yet another train to Veyle. Then bus to Billund. Then 1 km walk to the hotel. Whew. Two of those switches were unplanned. Despite that, it worked out pretty well though!

It was a pretty long trip for being, well, not a very long trip…

Of course, we could have just taken a plane. But, well, we wanted to start the trip with something that feels like really travelling. Flying feels more like warping. Plus, kids like trains and buses and stuff. Planes are more of a pain with kids.

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4 thoughts on “7-leg journey to Legoland

  1. Susanne

    Underbara ni :) kul att se att ni är på väg !Lycka till på vägen .Vi hörs Kram Skorpan fröken Susanne

  2. Henrik Kniberg


  3. sia

    Henrik you forgot the subway train to Sthlm! Which adds up to 4 trains, Dave knows this in his sleep… ;)Susanne tack för muffins de var poppis! Hälsa från Emma!

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