The Grand Homecoming. HOME!

What a homecoming. Wow! After almost 6 months of travelling, coming home is a wonderful and strange experience!

Grandma Eva organized a Hero’s Welcome. She and other family members were waiting for us at the bus stop (about 1km from home, yes we took the bus home from Arlanda) in the golf car (same one that we departed in), decorated with balloons and pirate flags! After a few minutes of laughing and hugging, Dave (and later Jenny) ran ahead all the way to the house, they were so excited to get home. Emma and Peter were almost shell-shocked, overwhelmed with emotion, not quite comprehending what was going on.

At the house we found flowers and a red carpet in front of the door, a stocked refrigerator, and some of our favorite meals and desserts on the kitchen table! Long Live Grandma Eva!

The kids (well, OK, us parents too) spent most of the day basically bouncing around the house shouting with glee, hugging each other and playing with all the toys and things they had missed. The first thing the girls did was dig out their favorite princess dresses (even now, a couple of days after coming home, they are wearing the princess dresses all day, even when they sleep!).

The next days have been pretty much a perpetual Homecoming Party, with friends dropping in and out (mostly in…) on a continuous basis, combined with some unpacking and playing with our favorite toys and instruments :)

Now we’re hoping to get organized and recover from jetlag in time for school on Monday!

Our feeling right now is Borta Bra men Hemma Bäst!

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4 thoughts on “The Grand Homecoming. HOME!

  1. Helena

    Vilket fantastiskt äventyr. Tack för att vi har fått följa med, på webben!

  2. Congratulations Henrik. Your arrival at home makes me think about my parents house ( More important is to see that even with 4 kids everything went very well. I was a pleasure to meet you in Brazil, and had help you a little with Machu-Pichu arrangements.

  3. Henrik Kniberg

    Thanks Lavoisier, but the link is broken! And now I’m curious.

  4. sia

    Here’s the link unbroken, I think:

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